Our Story: Incrediminds

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10:42am on Tuesday 8th August 2017

Born Genius vs Nurtured Genius? This was a question that always troubled me, as I believed that genius are not really born with those genes, they are nurtured through right mentoring and coaching.  This led to the genesis of IncrediMinds, with the purpose of encouraging each student to think about what they are doing. Through it, we focus on imparting practical and skill based learning to students of different age groups.

Who are we??

We build, design and train students on new technologies and most importantly build machines to solve practical life problems through robotics, 3D printing and automation. Being an Engineer myself, we have built the curriculum to enhance interest of the students into robotics and technology through simple and inventive models.  The other critical aspect that we believe is in coaching the students than teaching, thereby helping students in discovering and learning themselves.

To make these skills based learnings available to every student of our country, we provide our labs, curriculum and qualified trainers to schools and engineering colleges to build these capabilities at low cost.

How was IncrediMinds founded?

Laptops, Digital Camera, Smartphones, Sensor based rooms, the 21st century is all about technology. However, there is huge gap in our education system which is still functioning in the old-fashioned way ignoring the needs of 21st century skill sets. This was the genesis of IncrediMinds.  We wanted to equip our young population with the knowledge of ever-changing technology, and provide the right stimuli to nurture their brains. Hence we came up with innovative projects such that students get exposure to multiple technologies, while also bringing in Creativity, Innovativeness and Analytical ability.

 In the next 2 years, we are planning to expand in terms of both revenue, number of schools and colleges and establish a strong presence in the Indian Market.

What is Share your projects

We have always been intrigued with how some basic ideas come from the most uncommon areas. With this thought process, we came up with the idea of “share your projects”.  The program has been designed to inspire young engineers to use their Imaginations and build something to solve real life problem. The idea feasibility and commercialisation shall be supported and mentored by our team. Through Share your project, we aim at creating a perfect ecosystem and community for young brains to start thinking about problems and solutions right from the very early age. We have already Invested in 2 start ups and planning to increase this number in coming year. Our USP is our detailed thinking approach. We have an in-house and seasoned R & D team which helps us to develop projects that are based on new technologies and can be delivered with ease in quick time.

In short, we specialize in building high tech projects and mentoring students to Maximise learning in less time and cost. Most products we build changes the entire thought process of the students from book based learning to practical project based training which shapes the future in terms of understanding ones strength and weaknesses. I wish we had this kind of learning when we were growing up, so that rather than being part of the problem we would have been part of the solution.


Avinash Rathi