Basic Robotics- 1 Month


Rs. Rs.5000.00 Per Participants

Robotics in the world of LEGO EV3
An Exciting1 month course for school Students, learn to build, design and programme your robot with most advance LEGO EV3 kit.
Learn to build following projects:
- Making Square
- Triangle 
- Obstacle Avoider
- Obstacle follower
Course Delivery
Learn and Build the Robot yourself. We promote 30-70 rule in our training, 30% is class room training and 70% is practical experience. A mix of Whiteboard learning, PowerPoint, animations, Videos & advance software’s will be used to help enhance the learning experience.
Team Size
We promote team work along with Individual prowess. Optimum team size of 3 students is made to work in Tandem with each other. Selection of the team is done very carefully to involve students with different skillset coming together to work on the single goal of finishing the project successfully.

Robots playing with Eachother

02/08/2017 9:08 AM

1 Month Course

Steps to Start with us!!
Kit Content
Language Required
LEGO Ev3 Kit with expension Set
LEGO EV3 Teacher version
GUI based programing
2 Large Motors
LEGO EV3 Student Version
1 Medium Motor
On Brick programing
Colour Sensor
Ultrasonic sensor
Gyro Sensor
Touch Sensor
Brain with onboard programing
Connecting wires
Key Learnings
Key Learnings
Key Benefits
Key Advantages
Detail knowledge about sensors
Platform to get exposed to different disciplines of Engineering
100% of hands on experience learning.
Detail knowledge about Advance EV3 Kit
Get trained on EV3 environment
Well researched material and well thought projects
Knowledge about Motors
Enhencing creative thinking
Comprehensive training with unique methodology focusing on practical approach.
Chassis Making and Mechanical engineering
Building logical mind and active problem solver
Increases chances of success in regular exams
Learning about DC Motors and Electromagnetic Induction
Promoting STEM and HOT
Economical and with in your proximity
Learning about GUI interface
100% Hands on experience 
Hands on experience on industry standard tools, processes and systems
Knowing programming logics/Flowcharting/Algoritham
 Cementing concepts of Maths/Science and computer programming
Highly qualified and experienced coach
Learning the Code for your Project
 Lays a path for bright career in Robotics
Connecting your theory with practical


Project Flow

Class Room
Get closer to upcoming Technologies with projects
Kits and Material with the Course 
Practice Time
(as per availability)
Classes at your Convenience
Trainer to Student Ratio
Lecture duration(8 lectures in 1 month)
2 hrs
Project completion in 16 hours/1 month
100% assistance
Rs 4000 for 1 Month Course
Certificate-After Completion
Age Eligibility
6-9 Years of Age
9-14 Years of Age
Why Us
  • Our Courses are designed and approved by IITans .
  • Our unique Methodology of Learn-Assess-Apply-Test provides opportunity to convert Idea into reality.
  • We have wide experience of catering to colleges and schools through our workshops.
  • Our coaching team comes with huge industry experience.
  • We focus on quality of learning with in the short span of time.
  • Opportunities to Lean different technologies through our projects.
Contact Us
Feel free to write to us in case of any query:
Email:              Mobile: 9205919289              Landline: 01244385912
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