An Opportunity that combines fun, education, growth, profit potential & Success. We invite you to start your own business in this vast and potentially untapped market, with over 220 million Students in India, an estimated market size in excess of Rs. 3,000 crores.

1. What is the business model and who is the target customer?

Robotic training to students from 6th std to Engineers and post Engineers and we are the only exclusive organization providing this training along with online lecture.

2. Requirement of Investment, Infrastructure and license if any..

The investment requirement is approx. Rs 4,00,000/- (Four lakhs only, which includes franchise fee, training to your staff and equipment’s required for training first 400 plus students.

3. Is the training program for the franchisee provided if so, any cost is charged and no. of staffs required

The training to your staff will be free of cost at our centre in Gurgaon, the number of staff required depend on number of students enrolled, and one staff can train up to 300 students. We will train your faculty in 30-60 days, and we can take any science or engineering graduate.

4. What are the Sources ofincome?

  • a. From training in the institutes.
  • b. From training in schools.
  • c. From work shop in schools and Engineering colleges.
  • d. From camps for summer vocation and other long term holiday’s.
  • e. From sales of engineering projects.
  • f. From sales of robots and robotic materials.
  • g. From national and international competitions which you will be held in your city.

** In view of the above we expect the ROI will be 200% in the first year itself.

5. What will be the Territory provided to each Franchise

  • a. You can be a franchise for an area in any of the city or town; initially we intend to have only one franchise in a town, 2-3 in city and 4 -5 in a metro.
  • b. Clearly defined territory in your agreement to ensure the safety of your investment and efforts.
  • c. Wider area not restricted to a location, can operate in number of schools and establish any number of training centers in the area.
  • d. Areas demarked after careful verification of minimum 100 plus potential spots, like schools and colleges in addition to setting up of training centers.

  • 6. What will be the support provided from IncrediMinds end to Establish the Franchise?

Training material consisting of 10 IncrediKits, 5 IncrediEmbeded Boards, 2 EV3 kits,other supporting accessories will be provided initially to start your business.

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