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As part of our unique initiative, IncrediMindswelcomes all Students/Engineers/Robotics experts and hobbyists to submit their innovative project on Robotics/Automation/Electronics etc. The selected projects will be used by IncrediMinds for the benefit of students so that they can also learn newer ways of doing things. We would facilitate the idea to reach wider audience, and suitably compensate you for being the idea generator. If this sounds interesting and looks like a good earning opportunity, read the FAQ’s to learn more.

1. Who can Share his/her Robotics ideas?

Anyone who have interest in robotics and Automation and wants to take their idea to bigger audience can share their thoughts.There is no profession barrier for submitting the ideas.

2. How to Submit the Project and what are the main parameters involved in selection of a Project?

It is a simple process of submission, assessment and selection, as illustrated below. As a first step, just share the project idea and video and we would guide & mentor you through the process.


3. What advantage do I get by associating with IncrediMinds?

Most people’s ideas don’t get materialized or reach bigger audience as they get busy juggling studies – work and life. We realized this and are providing a platform to help you make your ideas bigger. The advantages you get are:

  • Huge customer base
  • Expansion into different countries
  • Making your project saleable
  • Short and long term financial benefits

4. Can I submit multiple projects?

Yes, we welcome you to submit as many projects as you can. However each project will go through the same selection process as mentioned above.

5. Can I use the same project for some other purpose as well?

Once you sign the letter of association the project will become the intellectual property of IncrediMinds, hence using the same project for some other purpose will not be permissible. Also by submitting the project you grant the right to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, perform and publically display the content worldwide.

6. Once my project is selected how will it be displayed on the website?

We will break the entire project into small learning modules and Video lectures of each module will be uploaded on the site. The project with videos will be made available to our entire customer base.

7. Can I have someone else preparing the Automation/Robotics Projects?

Yes, It’s possible, however all sorts of financial and quality based arrangements will be made with you.

8. Would my name be mentioned along with the online Robotics project?

No, as part of policy IncrediMinds does not promote any individual name. However, your name would et added in the contributors list.

9. What is the Remuneration I will get?

We will be making in the payment in two ways

  • Fixed payment at the signing of the agreement*
  • Long Term Royalty based on the sale

*Fixed payment will depend upon factors like cost of project/newness in the project and expected market response on the project.For Any Query Click Here.

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