• Head Marketing

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Mr Maheep Singh Ghai
13 years Experience- Core Marketing
Mr Ghai is having 13 years of experience into different Industries. His unending energy helps our entire team to put extra effort to achieve our goals. Very hard working and approachable person by nature. 
Contact Number: 9205919289
  • Founder and CEO

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Mr Avinash Kumar
10 years exp, MBA (IBS) +Mechanical Engineer (Kurukshetra University)
Mr Avinash with over 10 years’ experience in industry, he always wanted to bridge the gap between theory and practical knowledge for the students. While doing executive course from Indian Institute of Managment back in 2013, He go the Idea of starting  this tech based company, IncrediMinds, The soul purpose of the company is to expose students to high technology experience, right from the early stages of their life. His aim is to make the students more employable and better placed in terms of knowledge before starting their professional life. Hard work, self-belief and perseverance is the way to success…
  • Knowledge Partner and Guide

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Dr.Rohit Singh Lather
Phd (IIT Delhi) with 10 years of experiance in delivering knowledge
Dr. Rohit Singh Lather is currently Associate Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department. He serves as the Module Coordinator and leads development of complex courses. His consistent guidance have paved way for success for the company.His areas of specialization include engine development, alternative fuels (CNG, HCNG, Hydrogen, and Biofuels), emission reduction and combustion diagnostics.

  • Business Coach

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Monika Rathi
11 yrsexp, M.Tech (IIT Kanpur), B.Tech (NIT Kurukshetra)
With more than 11 years of Industry experience with Companies like GE Global research, GE Renewables and Mahindra,Ms Monika Rathi comes with great knowledge and experience of the industry. Monika is a certified TRIZ level 1 expert, Certified Black Belt and LRQA Auditor. She holds 3 US patent applications, 10+ international publications and has one trade secret to her credit. Her passion for supporting students get access to technology right from early stages made her associate with IncrediMinds. Her diverse experience in quality and technology is helping the company develop High Class Quality products and curriculum.