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Robotics Basic Course

Training highlight

< 1-1 online live training>

1-1 online live training without recorded vedio.

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< Home assignments>

Regular home assignments to enhance learning.

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< Age appropriate Curriculum>

Well designed curriculum for all age groups.

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< Doubt clearing>

On the spot doubt clearning.

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< Project based learning>

Student are made to work on projects to maximize classroom learning.

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< Regular assesments>

Student are assest regularly to test their knowledge and skill.

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< Certification>

All students will get an course completion certificate from IncrediMinds.

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< Competition>

We help preparing student on different competition.

How will your training work?

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< Step 1 : Book demo>

Book a Demo Robotics 1-1 class with us. A laptop and decent internet connectivity is needed to attend the session.


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< Step 2 : Confirmation from us>

We will get in touch with you to set the suitable class time.


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< Step 3 : 45 min 1-1 training >

Our Robotics Trainer will take 45 minute of session with the student.


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< Step 4 : Registration>

If you like the session, you can continue by buying any of the available class packages


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< Step 5 : Class scheduling>

We will collaborate to set up weekly sessions (recommended 2 sessions per week)


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< Step 6 : Dispatching hardware>

We will send the robotics kits to your location



Industry recognized certificate for student

We visit loads of Schools and Engineering colleges for workshops. Also We help students in making STEM projects and Report writing for admission into foreign universities. Hence Our certificate is recognised everywhere.


Robotics Basic Course

Fee: Rs 1250 per Hour for 1-1 Class, Rs 500 per hour for Group class (Max group Size 4) + Kit Cost

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Basic Electronics

Know your Components


Learn to Interface Components


Work on Basic Circuits


Work on practical Projects


Number of Hours : 8


Number of Projects : 8


Kit Cost: 850

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Coding the Electronics

Learn commands, loops, functions, conditions. algorithms, and events. Learn to Control Robot Using Your Program


Work with Motors


Work with Sensors


Testing and Debugging the Code


Number of Hours : 24


Number of Projects : 12


Kit Cost: 7500

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Coding the Robot

Work on advance Projects


Learn to ControlMultuple Sensor and Motors


Solve real Life problems


Work on Prototyping


Number of Hours : 48


Number of Projects : 16


Kit Cost: 7500

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Robotics Competitions

Prepare for Competitions








Number of Hours : 80


Number of Projects : 26


Kit Cost: OWN


Additional Benefits

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