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  • 6500 + GST

Explorers Kit

Kickstart your journey into the world of electronics, programming, and robotics while making 100’s of STEM projects with the Incredimind’s explorer kit for the students of all age group. The kit comes along with controller (Arduino), different kind of Sensors and actuators which can be interface directly without any breadboard or soldering. GUI based software is provided for easy drag and drop based programming. You can solve numerous real life problems and build many science and robotics projects using the kit.

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  • 9500 + GST

Reflection Kit

Incrediminds Reflecting kit provides you the opportunity for a sneak-peak into the future as you explore the world of smart automations with useful sensors, swift data logging and publishing, efficient wireless and over-the-internet communication and bring your geek-fantasies to life. This is an advance kit with loads of possibilities to build robotics/IOT and Artificial Intelligence projects which come along with the GUI based programming software.


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  • 12500 + GST

Innovation Kit

Super smart Innovation kit for all age groups including Hobbyists, Innovators and creators. No Soldering or breadboard required for connections. All components can be directly plugged into the controller for hassle free and sturdy interfacing. Sky is the limit for the number of projects.


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